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Making liqueurs at home's Journal
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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
2:42 pm
It's all about the instructions.
Le Sigh...

Experimenting with making some coffee liqueur,, I set off to make some this afternoon. I carefully pondered extraction temps and how long the brew should be on the heat... I carefully measured the ingredients, brought to a light boil and waited the allotted time... Not getting too much on the counter, I filtered the grounds carefully. Not wanting to waste vodka I diluted the brew with the appropriate amount of water, tasted and...


Altogether too sweet, and dang little coffee flavor. Huh? I carefully reviewed my notes and ponderings and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. I stepped outside and had a smoke, and still couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Lather, rinse, repeat. It wasn't until I was starting the third time through that it occurred to me to check my notes against the recipe... And there it was; Let steep until cool, which of course I hadn't done.

So much for being a Smart Guy and proud of how carefully he'd pondered each step and its effect on the final result.

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Monday, December 25th, 2006
9:39 am
Marzipan Liqueur
Niederegger makes a marzipan liqueur, however, I've never seen it here in NY. I decided to try my hand at making some, and since I did not see an appropriate community for this sort of thing, created this one.

On to the recipe!
A bit of investigation revealed that marzipan is roughly half almonds and half sugar. (There are usually a few other things in as well, but the most of the volume is that. So I used the amount of sugar I'd want in the end result as a guide.)

I took three 1.7 oz (48 gram) of Niedregger chocolate covered marzipan, and ran them through a food processor until they were chopped fine. The bits were placed into a 1 pint (16 oz/about a half liter) canning jar, and came up a bit over the halfway mark. Then I poured in enough vodka to fill the jar just below where the threads start for the cap. (Stolichnaya 100 proof.) I should have measured that, but didn't. :-p

I shook it up for several minutes, let it sit for a few hours, and gave it another good shaking.

I probably also should have done something along the lines of making the marzipan into a paste with hot water, but I didn't. So now I have sediment settling in the jar, with chocolate bits at the bottom. :-P

I think I'll wind up taking whatever doesn't dissolve in the next few weeks, melt it down with hot water *then*, and remix it, and let it settle again. (I'm more than a tad hesitant to put a mix based on 100% alcohol anywhere near heat or flame.) The other alternative is to skim off whatever's on the top and just use that, but what I'm seeing now is that the jar only has about 1/3 of clear liquid at the top. That's a lot of sediment. (I'd use the sediment for filling some sort of chocolates. It wouldn't be *wasted*.)

I think the first method will probably yield an opaque liqueur with more marzipan *in* it (which is what I'm aiming for), rather than the clear, tinted stuff *flavored* by the marzipan , which is what's currently at the top of the jar.

Photo here. It's not very pretty at the moment, but then again, neither was my dandelion wine when I started, and it turned out nicely. :)
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